Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Detoxing ☠

My ootd.
Truly deeply madly v-neck(UO), DIY high waisted shorts(Lee/thrifted), pleather waist belt(Forever21)
We gave Marley a bath. He really disliked it. Well, this is his like second bath, so I understand. Right after his bath, he sprinted to his little house/bed and crashed. He was sleeping for so long, so I guess his bath was either very relaxing or very emotionally draining. >.<
Yes, I am detoxing...Bleh, I really want this job as a cosmetics clerk, but Mary-jane and I are in a committed relationship, so this fucken sucks. I am so effin tired of dealing with dumb bitches at Subway!!! If you work at Subway, you know my pain. Please, please, please pray that I get this cosmetic job. ☹ 
Love and good vibes to all!