Monday, November 19, 2012


I've been feeling that urge again.
Been feeling to leave.
Been feeling to escape
start anew.
My life, its meaning has been lost.
And now.
I'm struggling.
Struggling to generate some sort of content.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

☠A Spooky Halloween Post☠

Did anyone else adore this on LookBook? Or is it jut me?
Also, I really want to join the american apparel costume contest, but I saw all the other costumes, and was like "I stand no chance." I mean a giraffe kigurumi does not stand a chance compared to home-made committed costumes. ^︵^

My costumes throughout the years. I'm assuming all of them are understandable?
Bored, but I love it.
Everyone have a safe adventurous Halloween night!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

☹I am very contagious☢☣

I woke up with my eye like this. :(
I went to the doctor, and they said I had "bacterial conjunctivitis." 
In other words, pinkeye. Soooo grooossssss, now I have to stay at home and be miserable and bored for the next three days. 
My most treasured items at the moment.
I also got a flu vaccine. My arm is a wee bit tender. And that nurse put the bandaid on the wrong spot, lol.
I also decided I needed to fold some clothes. -_____-
So, I barely made a dent in that clothes pile. However, I got to get out of my house by walking my dogs with my dad. At least I had some sort of activity today. Today was not a successful day. The only thing I did was wash a shit load of clothes, pillows, and blankets. Which, I probably have to wash again on sunday. Ended my day with some 'ono Hawaiian mea'ai. 
The moon looked beautiful today.

✤Chinese food makes me happy✤

Lol, my boyfriend continued to drink his water even though he dropped an orange chicken in it. The waitress took a liking to him.
He is so adorable. >.<
My ootd. ♡
We make three years in december. ◕‿ ◕
So, my two friends had their four year anniversary the other night, so we ate at a family restaurant. Kin Wah, lol, we all agreed we only come here for funerals, so it was a nice change not eating because of someones death. I ate so much food o.o We ordered more than our stoney friends on the table next to us, which wasn't such a good idea because we had A LOT of left over food.
I got the job!!! If you steh in Kane'ohe, HI and need good kine makeup check me out at Walgreens. Thank you all who believed in me! >:O

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

✧Last weekend✧

In case you've been wondering, I really really love sushi and tea.
Bought me some books! :)
Ono kine pineapple ceylon tea.
So sweet my bu carrying my shiet.
American apparel and Forever 21. ♡
Alright, so I have been really busy with school and work, so I couldn't post. However, here is the adventure I had last weekend. I bought some books, clothes, video games, and a dvd. Still yet to watch it though. Anyway, I have an interview for the cosmetics job today!!! Actually, in less than 2 hours! o.o I was debating to go to my classes today, but I think i'd rather be prepared for this job(that I really really want) than go to my classes that don't grade on attendance. 
Aloha a hui hou. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recovery ☄

Bought my gurlz some jamba.
This kid's costume actually turned into a rolling transformer!!
I saw this movie today; It was pretty funny. :)
Hype this look!
My dad got this from a donation. How cute is this? The collar is even corduroy.
Wish I had more to type, but i'm tired, tipsy, and speechless about my day.
Love and Peace