Tuesday, October 23, 2012

✧Last weekend✧

In case you've been wondering, I really really love sushi and tea.
Bought me some books! :)
Ono kine pineapple ceylon tea.
So sweet my bu carrying my shiet.
American apparel and Forever 21. ♡
Alright, so I have been really busy with school and work, so I couldn't post. However, here is the adventure I had last weekend. I bought some books, clothes, video games, and a dvd. Still yet to watch it though. Anyway, I have an interview for the cosmetics job today!!! Actually, in less than 2 hours! o.o I was debating to go to my classes today, but I think i'd rather be prepared for this job(that I really really want) than go to my classes that don't grade on attendance. 
Aloha a hui hou.