Thursday, October 25, 2012

✤Chinese food makes me happy✤

Lol, my boyfriend continued to drink his water even though he dropped an orange chicken in it. The waitress took a liking to him.
He is so adorable. >.<
My ootd. ♡
We make three years in december. ◕‿ ◕
So, my two friends had their four year anniversary the other night, so we ate at a family restaurant. Kin Wah, lol, we all agreed we only come here for funerals, so it was a nice change not eating because of someones death. I ate so much food o.o We ordered more than our stoney friends on the table next to us, which wasn't such a good idea because we had A LOT of left over food.
I got the job!!! If you steh in Kane'ohe, HI and need good kine makeup check me out at Walgreens. Thank you all who believed in me! >:O