Thursday, October 25, 2012

☹I am very contagious☢☣

I woke up with my eye like this. :(
I went to the doctor, and they said I had "bacterial conjunctivitis." 
In other words, pinkeye. Soooo grooossssss, now I have to stay at home and be miserable and bored for the next three days. 
My most treasured items at the moment.
I also got a flu vaccine. My arm is a wee bit tender. And that nurse put the bandaid on the wrong spot, lol.
I also decided I needed to fold some clothes. -_____-
So, I barely made a dent in that clothes pile. However, I got to get out of my house by walking my dogs with my dad. At least I had some sort of activity today. Today was not a successful day. The only thing I did was wash a shit load of clothes, pillows, and blankets. Which, I probably have to wash again on sunday. Ended my day with some 'ono Hawaiian mea'ai. 
The moon looked beautiful today.