Sunday, October 14, 2012

☆First Post☆

Sushi date.

Look at that stack of plates! o.o
My favorite kind of sushi is Unagi.
Tea to soothe my soul.
So, my boyfriend and I ate at Genki Sushi today after he got off of work. I really wanted to go to Bravos, but it is located all the way across the island, and my boyfriend wasn't feeling too good. This was our compromise :) However, I effin love sushi, so it was still a prime choice.I take my off days very seriously because I work full-time and go to school 3/4 time. In other words, weekends are my getaway days.
Hype this look: http:///
This is what I used to make my messy bun today. Don't let the title fool you; This wasn't actually easy. My hair didn't roll in like it said in was going to. I had to basically use a ton of bobby pins, and when I say ton, I mean like at least 25. Well, I do like how it turned out.
A closer look at my ootd.
While I was shooting, my rabbit that lives in our backyard was very interested at what we were doing. He kept running up to check what we were doing.
I bought these adorable heeled oxfords at Payless Shoes for only $29.99. Shooo cyutee.
Our baby Marley's halloween costume. "Frankin Chihuahua"